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We Specialize in Repair & Refinishing

of All Types of Tubs, Showers, and Tiles!


All Surface Tub & Tile is a professional service company built to address the needs of homeowners, property managers, realty companies, manufacturers, etc. We can repair ANY issue you may have with your bath fixture in a cost and time efficient manner. Whether it be updating the color of a unit, to repairing weak/cracked floors, or just a deep clean to help brighten up an ugly unit, we can handle it. The cost to replace a unit can be in the thousands, while a repair or resurface can be a fraction of that cost, and in many instances more durable than the original surface. Call the Professionals today, and say goodbye to that UGLY TUB!


Most multi-piece "Remodel" or "Replacement" tubs/showers are made of plastic and do not have properly supported floors.

WE DO NOT RECOMMEND USING THESE! We have seen these units require high percentage of repairs within the first year and are very costly to repair should damage occur. Save yourself the headache and call us!

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